Weston State Hospital

Weston State Hospital Originally known as the Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane, construction of the hospital started in 1858 and the first patients were admitted in 1864. Construction was halted in 1861 during the Civil War and resumed following the admission of West Virginia as a state in 1863 making this the first WV state funded building. The complex was designed by Baltimore architect Richard Snowden Andrews and boasts a 200 foot central clock tower and remains the largest hand cut stone building in the United States. Weston State Hospital closed in 1994 with the construction of a modern mental health facility called the William Sharpe Jr. Hospital. The property, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990, is up for auction on Aug 29, 2007 on the steps of the Lewis County Courthouse in Weston, West Virginia.

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